Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever | Oculus Quest VR Zombie Shooter!

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Holing up in the best billionaire’s mansion they can find, they accidentally save YOU, a zombie apocalypse survivor living in the house’s panic room. That’s when they decide to train you to become the most badass zombie killer of all time. Play hard, earn their respect, and unlock weapons, missions, upgrades and perks!


But just killing zombies isn’t gonna hack it. This is a racing sport and to be the best you’ve got to kill in style. That’s where our Adrenaline system kicks in. Nail two quick headshots in a row and adrenaline slows down time – making you faster! Line up your next shot, keep the combo going, and pop those zombie heads! The longer your combo, the faster your time – and fractions of a second count in the Zombieland Invitational!


So get out there and start chaining headshots, blasting weapons and bossing your way through eminently blastable Silicon Valley locations.


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