Troubleshoot an attribute not synchronizing in Azure AD Connect

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Before investigating attribute syncing issues, let’s understand the Azure AD Connect syncing process:

  • We will start our search from the Metaverse and look at the attribute mapping from source to target.

  • Launch Synchronization Service Manager from the desktop applications, as shown below:

    Launch Synchronization Service Manager

  • On the Synchronization Service Manager, select the Metaverse Search, select Scope by Object Type, select the object using an attribute, and click Search button.

    Metaverse Search

  • Double click the object found in the Metaverse search to view all its attributes. You can click on the Connectors tab to look at corresponding object in all the Connector Spaces.

    Metaverse Object Connectors

  • Double click on the Active Directory Connector to view the Connector Space attributes. Click on the Preview button, on the following dialog click on the Generate Preview button.

    Screenshot that shows the Connector Space Object Properties screen with the Preview button highlighted.

  • Now click on the Import Attribute Flow, this shows flow of attributes from Active Directory Connector Space to the Metaverse. Sync Rule column shows which Synchronization Rule contributed to that attribute. Data Source column shows you the attributes from the Connector Space. Metaverse Attribute column shows you the attributes in the Metaverse. You can look for the attribute not syncing here. If you don’t find the attribute here, then this is not mapped and you have to create new custom Synchronization Rule to map the attribute.

    Connector Space Attributes

  • Click on the Export Attribute Flow in the left pane to view the attribute flow from Metaverse back to Active Directory Connector Space using Outbound Synchronization Rules.

    Screenshot that shows the attribute flow from Metaverse back to Active Directory Connector Space using Outbound Synchronization Rules.

  • Similarly, you can view the Azure Active Directory Connector Space object and can generate the Preview to view attribute flow from Metaverse to the Connector Space and vice versa, this way you can investigate why an attribute is not syncing.

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