NVIDIA launches new RTX GPUs for creators along with Omniverse Cloud

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Today, NVIDIA kicked off its GPU Technology Conference, or GTC, and with it come a few big announcements for creative professionals. On the hardware side, the company is launching a new NVIDIA RTX A5500 GPU for the desktop, along with a full range of laptop GPUs to power new professional laptops for creators.

On the desktop side, NVIDIA launched the new RTX A5500 GPU, featuring the latest RTX technology including 10,240 CUDA cores, 80 second-generation RT cores, 320 third-generation Tensor cores, and up to 24GB of memory with 768GB/s of memory bandwidth. Two GPUs can be combined via NVLink to get up to 48GB of memory. This joins the existing lineup of RTX GPUs for creators, including the RTX A2000 from last year. It’s not the top-tier GPU, though, as that crown is still held by the RTX A6000.


For laptops, there’s a whole range of new professional GPUs, and that means you can expect a lot of professional laptops being announced in the near future. The new GPUs include the NVIDIA RTX A500, A1000, A2000 8GB, A3000 12GB, A4500, and A5500. The NVIDIA RTX A5500 laptop version is not as impressive as its desktop counterpart, of course – it has 7,424 CUDA, 58 RT cores, 232 Tensor cores, and 16GB of memory with 512GB/s of memory bandwidth. Regardless, that’s a lot of power and it should help drive even more intensive workloads than the currently-available laptop GPUs.

Here’s an overview of all the new laptop GPUs announced today:

GPU CUDA cores RT Cores Tensor cores GPU memory Maximum Bandwidth TFLOPS
NVIDIA RTX A5500 7,424 58 232 16GB 512GB/s 24.7
NVIDIA RTX A4500 5,888 46 184 16GB 512GB/s 18.5
NVIDIA RTX A3000 12GB 4,096 32 128 12GB 336GB/s 14.1
NVIDIA RTX A2000 8GB 2,560 20 80 8GB 224GB/s 9.3
NVIDIA RTX A1000 2,048 16 64 4GB 224GB/s 7.5
NVIDIA RTZ A500 2,048 16 64 4GB 112GB/s 7.3

The new NVIDIA RTX A5500 GPU is available today from various resellers and system builders. As for the NVIDIA RTX laptop GPUs, you’ll be seeing creator laptops launch with them starting this spring. Naturally, these aren’t sold separately.

Aside from the new GPUs, NVIDIA also announced Omniverse Cloud, a subscription service that will allow creative professionals to access Omniverse from anywhere. Essentially, this streams certain experiences to all kinds of devices, so they can be enjoyed without the power of an RTX GPU. One of the services included in Omniverse Cloud is called Nucleus Cloud, and it allows creators to quickly access and edit 3D scenes without having to transfer all the assets to their device.

Four users sharing content using Omniverse Cloud and the View appFour users sharing content using Omniverse Cloud and the View app

Four users sharing content using Omniverse Cloud and the View app

Another app, Omniverse Create, allows creators to build 3D worlds together in real-time. Finally, there’s a View app, so non-technical users can interact with 3D worlds in Omniverse via GeForce NOW, with all the rendering work being done on NVIDIA’s servers.

The Omniverse Cloud suite of services is still in development so NVIDIA didn’t say much about availability or pricing. However, you can sign up for early access to Nucleus Cloud, if you’re a developer.


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