Microsoft Ignite – Join us on October 12-14

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Microsoft Ignite { // Since we are handling the error here, we must make // sure we log it into the console nonetheless, otherwise // it will be very difficult to understand why your app // is crashing. console.error(err); // If no service worker is available, our work ends here // because we don’t need to unregister the service worker // to make sure the user is able to get a newer version of // our application. if (!navigator.serviceWorker) { return; } // On development builds of React, error boundaries don’t stop // errors from bubbling up to the window error handler, so we don’t // want to execute this code here because it would be unreliable // if (‘production’ !== ‘development’) { // We want to run this code only if we detect a new service worker // is getting installed or is installed but waiting to be activated. // This will make sure we don’t run this code on a sane environment // cache. const registration = await navigator.serviceWorker.ready; if (registration.installing || registration.waiting) { navigator.serviceWorker.ready.then( async (registration) => { await registration.unregister(); // Once the service worker is unregistered, we can reload // the page to let the browser download a fresh copy of our app window.location.reload(); } ); } } }); ]]>

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