Lenovo Gen 2 Virtual Reality Classroom Headset Kit – 10 Pack – G2VRKIT10PK2 – VR Headsets

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The Lenovo® Gen 2 Virtual Reality Classroom Headset Kit gives children a fun new way to experience learning. Immersive gaming comes to the classroom in the form of learning with the kit’s 10 headsets which allows small groups to play games or practice skills. You can also read through a screen with quality visuals and audio. The Lenovo virtual reality headset has twist wheels on the straps, allowing for an optimal fit for different users.

The VR headsets come with preloaded educational applications and programs, including lessons, webinars, professional development and career training courses. The Lenovo VR classroom kit is compatible with other electronic devices, such as tablets. This allows educators and teachers to control the headsets from their desks. The VR headset kit helps to create a more engaging environment with more flexibility for educators.


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