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The NVIDIA Omniverse™ Launcher is your first step into the Omniverse. Giving you immediate access to all the apps, connectors and other downloads the Omniverse Launcher is your gateway to the Omniverse. You can download the launcher here.

Updating Made Easy

Staying current is easy with Omniverse Apps and Connectors. The Launcher provides all you need to download, install, and update Omniverse Apps and Connectors through an elegant user interface.

Omniverse Launcher interface

When you see a green bell icon next to an app, that means a new version is available. Click the hamburger icon next to “Launch” to open the version dropdown, then click the green “Install/bell icon” to install the latest version.

Omniverse Launcher new app version alert

Learning Content

With quick easy access links, the Launcher puts all the help you need front and center. Learn via video tutorials, documentation or other Omniverse users on the Omniverse Forums. Whatever way you wish to learn, Launcher makes available.

Learning content inside the Omniverse Launcher

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