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Full-Service Concrete Professionals

There are many reasons why concrete is the most commonly used construction material worldwide. Not only does concrete dry and stiffen quickly, but it is also easy to mold into your required shape and area. Moreover, concrete is extremely sturdy and moisture-resistant, often lasting for decades so long as proper installation and maintenance steps are followed.

From pouring concrete slabs and on-time delivery to finishing concrete parking lots, sidewalks and residential features, Accu-Krete does it all. Our team is ready to partner with homeowners, property and project managers to help you complete large or small construction projects. We specialize in the following: concrete delivery, concrete installation and demolition services.

A Company Set Apart

Owner Roger Mowry has been in the construction field for over 35 years. Accu-Krete doesn’t just pour concrete — we own the concrete plant. We are among the most requested concrete plants in Central Florida for projects of every category. Our metered concrete is mixed on site, and you only pay for what you use.

With over 18 years of experience, we are the leaders in concrete form and finish in Orlando; just ask the Better Business Bureau who gave us an A+ for our unparalleled professionalism. Call our team today for your free estimate and to schedule a hassle-free concrete delivery.

Anytime Delivery

Completing your construction project on time and within budget requires partners you can trust. That’s why Accu-Krete delivers concrete whenever you need it, including weekends and evenings. Ensure your job is a success with our reliable services and top-quality concrete.

Trustworthy Process, High-Quality Products

At Accu-Krete, our team of professionals are committed to excellence. Since 1999, we have provided reliable concrete services throughout Central Florida, ranging from metered concrete delivery to complete concrete project design including set up, form, finish and demolition. Our team handles every aspect of the process for you, so you do not need to deal with the hassle of subcontractors. 


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