HPE & NVIDIA collaborate to deliver AI technologies to succeed in data-first modernization

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NVIDIA-Certified HPE Systems

NVIDIA-Certified HPE Systems bring together HPE servers, NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA networking in optimized configurations that are validated for performance, manageability, security, and scalability and are backed by enterprise-grade support from NVIDIA and HPE.

With NVIDIA-Certified Systems™, enterprises can confidently choose performance-optimized hardware solutions to power their accelerated computing workloads—in small configurations and at scale.

Industry Leading Servers

HPE and NVIDIA jointly deliver NVIDIA-Certified Industry-Leading Servers that offer a unified architecture to accelerate traditional and modern workloads, from data center to edge. This single high-performance, cost-effective, and scalable infrastructure brings together compute and graphics acceleration and high-speed secure networking in the leading enterprise data center servers, built and sold by HPE and NVIDIA. The platform is fully integrated with both IT frameworks from industry leaders such as Cloudera, Red Hat, and VMware as well as standard DevOps frameworks like Kubernetes, allowing IT to remain in full control.


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