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Explore the first science curricula for K-12
enhanced with standard-aligned 3D, AR and VR.

Transform science learning

with NGSS curricula in 3D

Engage students

and spark passion for STEM

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interactive 3D model

Boost test scores

and make lessons more effective

  • students
    improved their
    test scores.

  • students
    got more engaged
    in lessons.

  • students
    understood more
    difficult topics better.

  • students
    felt more excited
    about learning.

Proven by schools,
inspired by educators,
loved by students.

  • Jill Pierce, Chief Technology Officer

    McMinn County Schools, TN, USA

    “Our school district uses Lifeliqe to engage students every day. It has made science fun again without giving up the rigorof content.”

  • Dan Phillips, Special Needs Teacher

    Technology Resource Center of Marin County, CA, USA

    “I’ve never seen a 3D animation with so much realism and practical application for today’s classrooms. So user-friendly for both teachers and students.”

  • Shelley, Middle School Student


    “This app makes Science REAL to students. It brings drawings and diagrams to life.”

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curriculum in your class?

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