Computer Store in Mayfield Heights, OH

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Hardware Repair & Troubleshooting

Located at 1349 Som Center Rd, in the Eastgate Shopping Center, Micro Center’s Mayfield Heights store has a great team of talented and experienced technicians that can help troubleshoot your system and perform any hardware repairs it may need. Our store associates will help troubleshoot your system, get to the root of the problem, and perform any necessary repairs. We’re able to fix just about any system issue, including Blue Screen errors, peripheral problems, general computer slowdown, and more.

Our associates can also perform laptop repairs, and can help with common problems like damaged laptop screens, or batteries that no longer hold a charge. Our experienced team members are trained to fix both Windows and Apple laptops, and can work with various difference Apple models, including MacBook Airs, Pros, and more.

Our Mayfield Heights associates can also help to recover lost files from old or damaged hard drives, can create backups of previously lost data, and help to protect your files from future loss. We work fast, efficiently, and for very reasonable prices.


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