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¨Castile La Mancha Online Radio App – Spain¨ brings you for free the best online radio stations from Castile La Mancha – Spain.

With a modern and easy to use interface, ¨Castile La Mancha Online Radio App – Spain¨ gives you the best experience when it comes to listening to FM/AM radio and internet radio.

With our app you can listen to the best digital radio stations and follow your favorite shows for free. You can choose amongst sports, news, talk, music, comedy and many more.

● Set a sleep timer to turn the app off
● Instant playback and premium quality
● User-friendly App, simple and easy to use.
● Listen to radio in background while using other apps
● You can listen to FM/AM radio even if you are abroad
● Find out which song is currently playing on the radio (depending on the station)
● You can add a radio station to your favorites list
● Use the search tool to easily find what you’re looking for
● Don’t need to connect the headphones, listen through the smartphone’s loudspeakers
● Share with friends via Social Media, SMS or Email

Some of the included stations are:
● AB 95 FM – Albacete
● Acero Sport – Albacete
● Almodovar en La Onda – Ciudad Real
● Cadena SER Albacete
● Cadena SER Alcázar – Alcázar de San Juan
● Cadena SER Azul – Tarazona de la Mancha
● Cadena SER Ciudad Real
● Cadena SER Cuenca
● Cadena SER Guadalajara
● Cadena SER Puertollano
● Cadena SER Talavera – Talavera de la Reina
● Cadena SER Tarancón
● Cadena SER Toledo
● Cadena SER Valdepeñas
● Cálida FM – Toledo
● Ciudad FM – Puertollano
● CoolBeats Radio – Guadalajara
● Cu Radio – Quismondo
● Dunas FM – Fuertescusa
● esRadio Albacete
● Global Radio Fm – Hellín
● La Unica FM – Toledo
● Locactiva Radio – Tarazona de la Mancha
● Mega Gym – Puertollano
● MegaStarFM – Guadalajara
● Nova Onda – Albacete
● Nueva Onda Radio Yunquera – Yunquería de Henares
● Oid Radio Talavera
● Onda Borox – Borox
● Onda Cero – Cuenca
● Onda Cero – Guadalajara
● Onda Cero – Toledo
● Onda Cero – Valdepeñas
● Onda Poligono FM – Toledo
● Radio 90 Motilla – Motilla del Palancar
● Radio Arrebato – Guadalajara
● Radio Azul SER – Las Pedroñeras
● Radio Caesarobriga – Talavera de la Reina
● Radio Chinchilla – Albacete
● Radio Futuro FM – Toledo
● Radio Hellin – Hellín
● Radio Kolor Cuenca
● Radio La Roda – Albacete
● Radio Los Yébenes
● Radio Miguelturra
● Radio Montealegre – Albacete
● Radio Onda Plana Santa Cruz – Toledo
● Radio Parque Sur Albacete
● Radio Puebla – Puebla de Montalbán
● Radio S2Fitness – Villarrobledo
● Radio Santa Maria – Toledo
● Radio Surco – Albacete
● Radio Val de Santo Domingo
● Recuerdas FM – Almansa
● RM Radio – Campillo de Altobuey
● Solo Radio – Hellín
and many more…

Support: If you experience any problems or if you can’t find the station you are looking for, send us an email and we will try to add that radio station as soon as possible, so that you don’t miss out your favorite music and shows.

Note: An internet connection, 3G/4G/5G or WiFi network is required to tune in radio stations. There may be some FM radio stations that do not work because their stream is temporarily offline.

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